History of KenyMart.com

The site, KenyMart.com, was launched in Oct 2006.

KenyMart.com is building an exciting range of digital products, including ebooks from specialist and general publishers. There are a lot of titles available to be purchased and downloaded from KenyMart.com

KenyMart.com aims to be the alternative eStore on the Internet, selling digital products. Digital products can be purchased and downloaded immediately by customers anywhere in the world at prices that are cheaper, with no postal charges and no waiting for delivery.

At the later stages, we noticed that our main users and customers are from Joomla platform, which is an open source CMS. Therefore we decided to move KenyMart.com to the newly created site, JoomlaMarketingTips.com.

Introduction of JoomlaMarketingTips.com

Why we choose “JoomlaMarketingTips.com”? As we mentioned earlier, we found out that majority of traffics are from Joomla platform, and hence providing a more meaningful domain name will be more appropriate to give first impression of our website to the users. In addition to digital products selling, we will also provide useful and relevant marketing tips which aims to help our users in internet marketing.