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Display Total Number of Content Items For Each Categories

If you have visited someone’blog or if you are a blogger, then you should know that bloggers like to categorize their blog posts. It’s a good practise to better manage your blog post in more organized form. At the blogger site, you will see a total number of blog posts for each categories. For example:

Family (15)
Job (5)
Games (18)
Other (13)



I can’t tell you a solid reason why we should have a total number indicator for each categories. For my own personal reason or experience, when I visit a new blog, from the total number indicator, I can “roughly” know the area which the blogger expertize on, or, the area which the blogger interested to write oftenly.

Of course, there is NO such formula that big total number indicator means something, that’s why I use “roughly”.

I tried to find a module/component/mambot in the joomla extension pool which allows me to show the total number of published content items for each categories, but no luck. Hence, I paid someone to create this module to me.

This module is free for download at the “Downloads” section.

To use this module:
1. Install the module
2. Says I want to create a new category called “Games”. I head to the “Category Manager” and create one there.
3. Since this is a new category, means this category has NO content item yet. I need to create one content item under “Game” category.
4. Then, I go to “Menu” –> “othermenu”. Here I am going to create link to “Game” category.
5. I click on the “New” icon (located at top right conner)
6. Then I choose “Blog – Content Category”. Click on “Next” icon.
7. Named the menu item as “Game” and choose the “Game” category.
8. Configure the parameter I liked and hit the “Save” button.
9. Now, I go to “Modules” –> “Site Modules”
10. Look for “Extended Menu For Blog Categories” module and click it.
11. Named the module to “Blog Categories”. Published the module at the location I want.
12. At the “Parameters” section, I choose “othermenu” from the “Menu Name” drop down list.
13. Published and hit “Save” icon.
14. Done.

If you want to create more categories, just follow the step 2 to 8.

Your comments & feedback are very much appreciated.

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