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Incorrect Links In Latest Comments Module For RSGallery2

As you know the “Latest Comments Module For RSGallery2” is to display the latest comments from the images in RSGallery component. When someone click on the comment link, it will be linked to the image. It’s pretty straight forward.

However, there is a user has made a report to me that some of the links has linked to the wrong pictures. I have successfully regenerate the error that the users mentioned, but the error is not the module, it is actually from the RSGallery2 commenting system.

The following step demonstrated how I regenerated the “commenting” error in RSGallery2:

1. Click on the “Gallery” where I can go to the RSGallery2 mainpage.
2. Simply click on one category that contains more than 2 pictures.
3. You will a list of picture under the category. Click on the first picture.
4. At the picture detail page, you can see the pagination link under the picture, something like “<< Start <Prev 1 2 3 Next> End >>”. Click on the 2nd link to the next picture.
5. Now at the 2nd picture page, leave some comment there, says “This comment is for pic #2”. Hit the “Add Comment” button.
6. Now, at the pagination link, click on the 1st link to navigate back to 1st picture.
7. Noticed that the comment entered for 2nd picture is now appeared at 1st picture page. <—– Bug here…
8. Now at the 1st picture page, leave some comment there, says “This comment is for pic #1”. Hit the “Add Comment” button. Noticed the comment is added at 1st picture page
9. Click on the “Gallery” at the menu bar to return to the RSGallery2 mainpage. Then click on category link, then the 1st picture link.
10 At the 1st picture page, you don’t see the comment you entered for picture #1. <—– Bug here….
11. At the 2nd picture page, you can see the comment you entered for picture #1, but not the comment for picture #2 (which I entered at Step 5). <—— Bug here…

With that bugs above, which caused my “Latest Comments” module having a link problem intermittently.

I didn’t spend time to look into the RSGallery codes to find out the root cause. I will log a bug report to the RSGallery2 developers.

** Please be informed that there may be other ways to regenerate the error above.

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