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KenyMart Latest Comments Module Ver 1.5 for RSGallery2

Description: Basically RSGallery2 component allows user to upload photo and other users can place comments on the photos. The module will allow the photo owners to be alerted whenever there is a photo comment submitted. Without the module, the photo owners or visitors will have to browse thru the photo one by another to check for the comment, which is very time-consuming.

**RSGallery2 component (http://www.rsgallery2.net/) is required to be installed first to ensure this module is working.

Main Function:

Display latest comments of photo uploaded.

Parameters that can be configured at Administration page:

1. Number of comments to be displayed
2. Number of characters to be displayed
3. Layout type
4. Show user name and date time?
5. Date / Time format

Note: If you have already installed “Latest Comments” module (Ver 1.0), you can still install this new module without uninstalling the old module first. This is because we use the different module name and file name.

Simply unpublish the old module first, then install the new module.

Installation Instruction:

1. Download the module
2. DO NOT unzip the file
3. Go to your website administration page, click on “Installers” –> “Modules”
4. After successfully installed, click on “Modules” –> “Site Modules”
5. Look for “RSGallery2 Latest Comments”.
6. Click on the link and you will be directed to the module parameter setting.
7. Please make the neccessary setting and remember to publish the module.

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