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Upcoming Contents Module

Little But Effective FREE Upcoming Contents Module That Drives EXTRA 16% TARGETED And RETURN VISITORS To Your Website.

From my personal experience, it is much easier to get people to visit your website for the first time than to get “return visit” from them. So, some webmasters make the mistake of assuming that the easiest way to make a website popular is to get traffics as many new visitors as possible. This “assumption” is ONLY 100% correct if the new visitors will revisit the website many times.

Visitors Tend NOT To Make A Purchase Or Register During The First Visit

It usually takes more than one visit to make the sale or transaction. By increasing the number of “returning visitors”, you increase the percentages of making sales or transactions.

So, what is Upcoming Contents?

Upcoming Contents are the contents on the following topics that in preparation. These contents are temporarily not fully accessible by visitors until a desired date and time.

Survey Result: Upcoming Contents Drive 16% Returning Traffics To Your Website

In a café  gossip with a group of my friends, I had been told by one of them, Patricia, who worked for a local video clips advertisement, something about the “Sneak Preview” advertisement strategy. This triggered me an idea about Upcoming Contents and I constructed an online survey to further proof the concept of Upcoming Contents and the result is as following:

No doubt, newsletters, forums, chat rooms, contests/giveaway are always the BEST WAY to gain returning traffics, however you will surprisingly noticed that 16% of the visitors tend to revisit a website to check out the full contents after having a “sneak peek” on the upcoming contents.

Why Upcoming Contents Module CAN IMPROVE The “Returning” Traffic?

With Upcoming Contents module, it allows users to sneak peek your upcoming contents that will bring interests to the users, who can choose the best time to revisit your website and they knows that there are some interesting articles soon to be posted.  It also allows users to contribute their feedback, and even bring targeted users to visit your website when they starts talking about your upcoming contents. They will mention it to their friends, family and colleagues. This can easily create a so-called traffic virus, which is born when people tell about your contents to their acquaintances, who then spread the word to their own acquaintances and so on. This enables you to grab pre-release product feedbacks and construct a pre-release analysis on your content.

Write Relevant And Continuously Updated Contents With The Upcoming Contents Module?

Providing the relevant and continuously updated contents to your visitors is always the #1 job to strive traffics to your website. Therefore, with the Upcoming Contents module, writing contents with a subject or intro text that visitors are interested in and knowledgeable about, can bring returning traffic to your website. Write an interesting content (and NOT just an advertising piece) and it can be a very effective method of generating targeted and “returnable” leads to your website.

Demonstration of Upcoming Contents Module


Highly Configurable Upcoming Contents Module

Take a look on the following screenshot of module admin page and you will get a picture on the parameter that can be configured.



  How Much Does It Cost?

It is FREE and it is NOT trial, features limited or time limited version!! We’ll, I’ll be honest with you, it didn’t start out that way. This product is created to be my flagship product… the absolute best of its kind. I was planning on selling it to cover my research cost, but then I realized that building a trust relationship with my customers (who is you) is very important, and so I thought… why not give you this product for free, so that you can get a sense of the kind of value that I have to offer you.

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