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VPS Hosting for Websites

A dedicated server is a server that a client rents from a provider to host a website, an online application or an advertising campaign. VPS hosting allows solving the basic issues with data storage and management, workflow management and workflow automation. For example, it can be used by online stores that have large product databases and frequent updates. 


In functionality and expenses VPS hosting lies in the middle between shared hosting and private dedicated hosting. VPS hosting is cheaper than renting a private dedicated server. Thus, a VPS can increase the return on investment and allow the customers to focus on their core business.


Benefits of VPS hosting


Virtual Private Server is still about sharing one physical server, but has some advantages compared to shared hosting: 

  • Security. No risks of virus cross-infection on server.
  • Flexibility. The client can choose the server hardware and the operating system.
  • Scalability. The client uses the total capacity and bandwidth of the server, unlike a shared server where the capacity is divided between clients. 


Besides, the server hardware is owned by the hosting provider and is usually located in a data center that provides emergency power systems for disaster recovery. Maintenance is also the responsibility of the server owner. All that allows significantly reduce your costs on maintenance and accompanying procedures.


Pros of VPS Hosting with BlueVPS


If you are not ready to invest in a private server you could rent a BlueVPS server anywhere in the world. The company cooperates with data centers in the USA, Canada, Israel, Poland, Russia, China, Cyprus, the Netherlands, England, France, Germany, Sweden.

For example, a Sweden VPS  might be good for European clients. It gives many advantages, such as:

  • Safety. European legislation protects confidential information on the server.
  • Renting a dedicated server in Sweden makes your project aimed at European users easily accessible by the target audience.
  • Transparent pricing (pay-as-you-go VPS solution).
  • Different types of frameworks available.
  • Instant VPS setup.
  • VNC access to each VPS. 
  • Customer support24/7.

To build a successful online business you should find a reliable hosting platform that will make sure your business is stable and running smoothly. Professional web hosting service BlueVPS has vast experience in working with various private and corporate projects and can become a long-term partner for you.


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