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VPS Hosting in Estonia

Virtual Private Server hosting, or shortly VPS, is a modern solution for e-commerce businesses. You can rent a dedicated server to host a website, an online application or an advertising campaign. VPS combines advantages of the own independent server space with convenience and ease of a rented hosting.

In terms of functionality and expenses, VPS hosting lies in the middle between shared hosting and private dedicated hosting. It is much cheaper than renting a private dedicated server. And, at the same time, it has many advantages compared to shared hosting. VPS is trustworthy and offers high-performance, enhanced security and freedom to administer your server. It answers the problems of scalability and limited resources, provides a stable connection and it is load-resistant to a large number of visitors. That is why VPS hosting is usually preferred by expanding online businesses that have outgrown capabilities of shared hosting.

VPS Hosting in Europe with HostZealot

HostZealot provides high-quality web hosting services both to corporate and private clients since 2009. The company cooperates with leading European data centers and offers dedicated servers in the Netherlands, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Poland, Estonia, and other countries.

Using VPS in Estonia package from HostZealot you will get:

  • Your project aimed at European users becomes easily accessible by the target audience.
  • Remote control. Virtual server power control option is included in the basic set.
  • KVM virtualization technology that provides independent resources to each virtual server.
  • Powerful VPS control. A unique hosting interface and the control panel tailored for the particular needs of the clients.
  • Subversion Repository (SVN).
  • Backup Storage.
  • SSD Caching.
  • Unlimited e-mail accounts.
  • Unlimited FTP/sFTP users.
  • Unlimited MYSQL databases.
  • Customers support.

Get help with the implementation of both simple and advanced web hosting solutions within GEO-diversified infrastructure. HostZealot offers a prompt and comprehensive approach to the tasks of any complexity.

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