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What Is a VPS Server?

A virtual private server (VPS) is a virtualized machine sold by an Internet data hosting provider as a service. You can think of it as a portion of one large computer network that consists of many other smaller servers. The virtual dedicated server has a similar technical meaning to a dedicated private server. They are both types of virtual servers, however, they are completely different in many aspects. While a dedicated physical server has physical hardware that can be lost or damaged, VPS servers run purely on software and memory, so they do not have any physical storage space. Both VPS and dedicated servers can be set up for true virtualization, which means that users can experience greater levels of isolation or can use it as a testing environment without losing any hardware.

A large number of companies are turning to VPS hosting offers because it gives them access to a piece of hardware that will be almost like a dedicated server but without the high costs. However, it is not suitable for all kinds of businesses, and in particular, it is not recommended for small businesses. ZealotVPS offers both dedicated and shared hosting plans. With shared hosting, you can use up to two virtual servers to host your website.

If you have a lot of traffic to your site, you will need a high quality dedicated hosting plan, because you will want to make sure that all visitors have the best connection available. If you have only a few websites and minimal traffic, then a shared plan will work well for you. The price of VPS hosting is relatively low, which makes it easy to justify the cost for webmasters who need the security, performance, and cost savings that VPS servers offer. However, it is important that you select VPS hosting servers that are compatible with your operating system because many VPS servers are available only with one specific operating system.

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